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4 Easy Tips To Decor Your Home On A Low Budget

I love food, I love beauty, I love traveling and I am also an obsessive home decor junkie. The reason why I have never written a blog post about home decor lifestyle is because I am a) still living at my parents or more living again at my parents house and b)  I am a broke student and I don’t have enough money to buy me those wonderful stuff and c) I don’t even have my own room at my parents house.

But still, when I was living in a different city and had my own apartment I loved to decorate my home and a home can still look good without expensive interior:


I only have real flowers on my birthday

I only have real flowers on my birthday

If you don’t have the money to buy fresh flowers every week, buy fake flowers and put them into a vase. They don’t smell, but they embellish your home everyday and forever and you don’t have to worry about if they have enough water or not.


Also if you lack money to buy a fancy vase – a nice bottle will do it too! Also you can embellish the vase however you like it!


There are amazing tips on the internet on how to renew your furniture. I am a DIY girl and I don’t like to throw things away which are still usable just because I don’t like how it looks anymore. One way to reuse it as a ‘new’ thing is to repaint it! Or you can make something completely new out of a table for example! My source for inspiration is pinterest.


Are you also the type of person who likes to store things in boxes? I am! I always keep the shoe boxes to put things in it and mark what’s inside. The good thing is, that you can change the boxes as soon as you buy new shoes, so you never need to clean the boxes! I also like to design them a little sometimes





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