The White Rabbits Room

If you love cute and clean interior like me, you will love this place as well!


The white rabbits room is called so because it is inspired by the movie Alice In Wonderland. In the movie there is this white rabbit who is always in a hurry because he is super busy and always has to take a look at the time.

The concept of this cute café is, that you don’t have more than one and a half hour to have breakfast and lunch there – so you are kind of in a hurry, just like the white rabbit.


The Shop



I went there with two friends and we ordered a salmon bagel, noodles with bacon and a salad with goat cheese. We shared everything and it was delicious! My favourite one was the salad with goat cheese. I am very picky when it comes to goat cheese, but this one was delicious and the dressing was complementing the cheese perfectly!


We sat outside, but the interior inside is like my dream room I never had. Everything is white with some pink accents. In a little corner of the café they even have a small shop with beautiful cute things which you can purchase. The service was very nice and they even put flowers on the tables when I made photos.

I recommend you to make a reservation when you plan to go there!

It is a good place to have brunch with your girls there and not far away from the metro.

What do you think of this cute café?