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Fighting the thoughts

This month was full of ups and downs, events, changes and extreme mood swings – just like the April weather:

The highlight of this month

I finally realized my dream and launched LUNAMIÈRE, a fashion jewelry online shop! I would have never expect to receive so much support when I announced it, it was totally overwhelming and I am so grateful for everyone who helped me to build this shop, sent me their congratulations and everyone who bought something. Your support and your kind words motivate me to bring my shop to the next level!

Even though this was the biggest highlight in April, I still had to struggle a lot, especially with myself. I fell back into my old habit a few times and it dragged me down and made feel really really bad. But I’ve learned and am still learning a lot about myself, especially about my way of thinking. I have to fight a lot against my negative thoughts on many things in my life. It is still a hard fight but after every fight against a negative thought I am stronger than before and I can avoid or even erase my negative thoughts faster and better.

I felt like I lost my way to my happy self in the first half of this month and it was and still is hard to get back on track, but I know that everything will be fine.

Hopefully your month was more steady and not so moody like mine!


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