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The Tulip Paradise in Keukenhof

Every Easter I travel with my family somewhere and this year my mother wanted to see the tulips in Keukenhof in the Netherlands.

The weather was really good with us and we had a lot of sunshine when we visited Keukenhof. It was super crowded because of Easter and I’ve never seen so many kind of tulips. This place was huge and also had two or three garden houses with orchids and probably other flowers. We were just walking by all those flowers because there were so many, even though they were so beautiful. I wouldn’t recommend you to go there on Holidays because it is super packed and if you want to take nice photos you have to wait for ages until it’s ‘less crowded’ so you can take a photo without 50 people photobombing it.

The next day we went to Amsterdam to see the city and I finally had my bubble tea which I was craving for some time already. I’ve already seen Amsterdam so the only thing I wanted to do there is to eat. My friend and I spent the whole day just eating and I bought 4 packs of stroopwafels to bring back home to Germany and guess what, my family ate the whole 4 packs and I had only two waffles haha.

All in all it was a nice trip but it was like always too short.

I would ask you how your Easter was, but it is kind of late, isn’t it? So I just ask you: Where are you going next?


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