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I needed a break once again from Munich, somehow I didn’t feel very motivated and organised in May, so my trip to Verona was just the perfect reason to escape the bad weather and refuel my energy!

I stayed at an AirBnB apartment with the nicest hosts I ever had! Michela and Fabio, they welcomed me very nicely and I immediately felt like I was at home but at the same time, I also felt like I was in vacation.

I explored Verona all by myself the first two days, I just enjoyed the moment and I didn’t even listen to music while I was walking through the streets of Verona. I wanted to suck in the Italian atmosphere, which is full of joy and relaxation for me. The music, the colorful houses, the food – everything gave me so much energy and I felt so happy just to be there. I walked from sightseeing to sightseeing, I went from Castelvecchio to Piazza Bra to la Casa di Giulietta. Then I walked around to Ponte Pietra and back to Piazza delle Erbe, where I had a nice dinner and took a look at Torre dei Lamberti ( man, I cannot remember this name, I just googled this twice before typing it in… ).

I love Italian food

During my time in Verona I had the full program of Italian dishes: Pasta, pizza, lasagna and ice cream; The best pasta I had was at Caffè Al Teatro in Via Roma 10 – I was dreaming about good spaghetti carbonara and it did not disapoint me. The best ice cream I had was at gelateria SAVOIA which is just a few steps further away from the restaurant. I had the best strawberry ice cream and bacio ice cream there! When I was younger I used to eat 6 scoops of ice cream, nowadays I only eat one scoop but at SAVOIA I had 3 scoops and I did not regret it! I also had selfmade prosciutto crudo e melone and Fabio and Michela let me try some Sicilian dishes, which was super delicious! It was fried rice with olives and meat inside, but I don’t know the name anymore- let me know if you know which dish I mean in the comments!

Meeting with my Shanghai buddy

The third day I met my travel buddy Andrea, who I met in Shanghai when we were both studying at the FUDAN University. I was really happy to see him again and it is always so relaxed exploring places with him, because we both take our time to take photos and not move on without admiring the view. We went to Giardino Giusti, which is a nice little garden but really calm and beautiful.

Enjoy the moment

My weekend alone in Italy taught me once again that we need so less to be happy and enjoy the moment. I didn’t miss anything when I was walking through the streets I only took a book with me whenever I felt like sitting down on a bench or in a restaurant I read a book, enjoyed the view or my food or both and didn’t care about my phone or other things. I turned my phone off, so I would not have the urgent feeling to look at it because there might be a message for me.

It was the second time I traveled alone and I almost forgot how good it feels to spend time just with yourself and enjoy the moment. The only thing I was nervous about this time is that I could get lost in Italy, my Italian is not that good actually – but I survived, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blogpost. If you want to see more photos of Verona, especially the colorful houses there, I am living out my addiction to it on Instagram: @thuyxluna

I really hope the rest of May will be more motivated, organised and full of energy again, because I am ready to reach some goals!

What are you usually doing to free your mind and refuel some energy?

10 comments on “Enjoying Myself Again In Verona

  1. Lyn Douglas says:

    Lovely photos. They bring back great memories for me of Verona. Yes, travelling alone can be so rewarding. It opens our eyes to what we really can do if we want to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Luna says:

      Hello Lyn, it’s great to hear that I could bring some good memories into your mind! Have a great day ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. reasonstraveltovietnam says:

    An interesting trip, surely this will be a beautiful, wonderful memories.
    My blog is


    1. Luna says:

      thank you! It was indeed


  3. How awesome that you went there alone. I have never done that… The pictures are beautiful, if this doesn’t get you inspired, I don’t know what does! 😉 Good luck and I do hope you get your motivation back. X


    1. Luna says:

      Thank you Jo! I did get my motivation back – sometimes we all need that vacation boost I guess 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ioanna says:

    The photos are amazing! I would love to visit Verona!



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Luna says:

      Thank you Ionna! Verona is definetely worth a visit!


  5. gracethen says:

    My God! Verona is indeed beautiful. I wish to go there again!! I was only there for 2 hours 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Luna says:

      Yes! There is definitely more than just the balcony of Romeo and Giulietta – one day will be definitely enough then 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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