How It’s Like To Live Without A Smartphone

Within not even a year I had to change my phone 7 times because it was broken or once stolen. When my phone got stolen in Shanghai, I decided not to buy a new phone immediately and waited for two months until I was back in Germany and could buy me a new one.

I thought it would be hard without a phone- especially in China!


But to be honest, it wasn’t hard at all. I honestly felt kind of free and happy to be without my phone. Sure, a phone is useful and I would have liked to take some photos of special places I really liked but I enjoyed the moments more than ever. The only times I was a little bit scared is, when I got lost and when I didn’t know specific words in Chinese to communicate with the locals. But other than that, I didn’t really miss my phone.


Every time I had an appointment with someone, I needed to trust them to be on time and I always hoped my friend didn’t forget me. Nowadays it is very easy to cancel a date, an appointment or a meeting with someone because it is so easy. You know you can reach them at any time and I think that is why people cancel appointments last minute so easily.


This makes me think that nowadays personal contact is not really required anymore. We live in a world where we do a thousand things at a time, so if it’s not urgent, we don’t need to see them. We don’t really keep the social contacts in person, it is so easy to text someone in a few seconds and ask them how they are and do a 5 line small talk and then leave it for the next few months until you think of that person again and think ‘ I wonder how they are and what they’re doing’


Another positive thing about not having a phone is, you fully concentrate on your friend/ date/ or whoever you’re with. There is no ‘fast checking your phone’ and then get distracted by a certain message and then start chatting with that person on WhatsApp.

So it’s a good thing to not have a phone, the smartphone consumes so much time of the day in my opinion and right now I can fully concentrate on my exams and don’t get distracted by WhatsApp, Instagram or any other Social Media. You might think you will miss something on Social Media, but this is not the real world, the real world is what’s happening in front of you and I am so glad I am not super addicted to Social Media, even though I love Instagram… Or not anymore.

Would you be able to live without your phone for a month? What would you do?