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The shadow ban is currently in every small and big bloggers mind and now I want to say something regarding to this case too, this is just an opinion and there are no tips on how to fix the ban, since there are enough articles about that and I couldn’t fix it myself yet:


The shadow ban hit me suddenly and I realised it immediately because my engagement dropped from usually 170 to 190 likes to 50 until 70 likes…. WTF. I was shadow banned for a week and I tried everything I could to get out of this, I read articles on the internet on how to do that and I made it. But after posting 3 pictures I still didn’t get the engagement back I used to have so now I just stopped using Instagram for almost two weeks now.


It is really frustrating to see your Instagram account stagnate and to know, you won’t reach more people with your creative work and your thoughts. I also know that I am not the only one who is affected by this shadow ban. A lot of other blogger accounts are struggling with it too. Since the new algorithm and now the shadow ban, Instagram is more a struggle and a peeve than fun. Right now I secretly hope that someone will come up with a cooler platform and everyone switches to that new platform and we will all leave Instagram behind us.


But that is not the case right now, I have talked to my friends who are also active on Instagram and they told me they are scared to engage too much with their followers or the people they follow because they don’t want to be banned… I mean what use is there for a social media platform if you can’t really engage with your people? It is so annoying for a small account like me to be removed from the possibility to engage with people and get to know more people and connect with them.


Instagram is not my priority number one and I have exams coming as well, so I just stay inactive for a while until Instagram gets this problem fixed. More time for me to study- always stay on the positive side!

Are you affected as well? And how do you deal with that problem or feel about it?





8 comments on “What We All Think About the Instagram Shadowban

  1. Zora_M_ says:

    Effected with it and I have stopped using my account for 3 days. Let’s see how it goes


    1. Luna says:

      Update me about it! I would love to hear your experience!

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      1. The girl in green scarf says:

        Same nothing happened.Reporting them every minute. Hope they will pay attention


      2. Luna says:

        is it because your hashtags don’t appear in the feed? I also heard about a new issue on instagram, that some accounts from bloggers are blocked and they can’t log back in… It’s terrifying how much we depent on that app!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. The girl in green scarf says:

        Yah we depend on this app so much. I don’t think I’m blocked but yes shadow banned. I can logged into my account.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. The girl in green scarf says:

        I was using a broken hash tag and that’ s the reason I think I’m shadow banned


      5. Luna says:

        Oh no, well I stopped posting for almost two weeks and then the ban was lifted, then I posted again and I was banned again for almost a week, but keep texting them! And I think not posting at all does really help 🙂 Hopefully the ban will be lifted soon on your account!

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      6. The girl in green scarf says:

        I hope the same but to prove them that I’m not a bot or spam I’m posting twice a day


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