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Dating is not that hard to be honest, but there are common rules which some people still don’t know and is a big turn off for you or your date:


In one of my previous posts I already mentioned that I hate it to wait for people who are late. Especially the ones who don’t even notify you that they are late. The same goes for dating: You should say bye to your date, if they don’t appreciate your time and don’t even tell you that they are late – even if it is just 5 minutes.


This is not only a no go on a date but also for every social interaction. Of course for all those social media addicts like us, we want to take a picture and share our delicious looking food- but PLEASE put it away after you took that photo. It is rude to sit with someone and stare at your phone instead of looking into your conversational partner’s face. If you expect an important message, tell them beforehand – but don’t surf on social media and respond to every single message you get- I will say it again: it is absolutely rude in my opinion!

The meaning of a date or social interaction is to get each other better in person, but if you decide to show me cat videos on Facebook- just tag me when you’re home.


This might concern most of us girls- don’t be FBI on your first date, our dates will find out soon enough how skilled we are. Don’t be skeptical of everything your opposite says and question every single detail. I think it is a little bit scaryJust listen to their story, you can still research afterwards.


Another point which concerns mostly us girls. Don’t say things like: ”Oh, I don’t want the dessert, because I am on a diet.” What you expect to hear is then: ”What? You are on a diet? You don’t need to be on a diet, you are skinny enough!” And then you be like: ” Oh come on, that is not true, I am super fat, I mean, look at my belly and my fat arms” And then you will be pointing out to every skinny part of your body which is probably your whole body. And then the games continues on with ” no you are beautiful”, ”no I’m fat”, ”no…blablabla”.

This is fucking exhausting girls! That guy wouldn’t date you if he doesn’t really think you are beautiful! So just fucking stop it!! And of course we all want dessert, don’t lie to yourself. That poor dessert is just waiting for you to be eaten.


Don’t talk about yourself all the time and don’t refer every sentence of your date to a story of yours. It makes them feel like you are only interested in yourself and not in them at all. There is a German saying it says

Reden ist silber, Schweigen ist gold

which means speech is silver and silent is gold. Keep that in mind!

What else is an absolutely no-go for you on a date?

I would love to chat with you!


4 comments on “5 Things That Turns Off Your Date

  1. But compliments are obvious.
    To make your efforts appreciated.
    That’s something worth as you spend a lot of time to make yourself look good for a date.


    1. Luna says:

      You’re right but girls shouldn’t make themselves down, only to receive some compliments from your date in my opinion.If it’s kind of forced, it’s not an honest compliment


      1. A gentle and real lover would always appreciate his girl friend’s effort !

        Liked by 1 person

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