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We all know those up and downs where you have moments of high motivation to reach your goals and then they disappear as fast as I eat my food ( you know I love food ). Motivation isn’t the only key to success, it’s a start but the real key to reach your goal is discipline.

Discipline is the key to success.

Note that down.

So here’s the thing with discipline: if you aren’t naturally super duper ambitious and disciplined, you need to develop it. Like Tony Robbins said, discipline is like a muscle, you can build it with constant training.


Deciding to do something is already a start.

But you also need to know how you want to achieve it. Let me just give you my example: I want to have a big booty ( no beauty op, but by hard training ). And I decided to register myself at the gym.


If you made the first step and decide to do something, your motivation is always very very high. Take that motivation to do the first step. For me it was the actual registration at the gym. But the more difficult part is always the keep going. If you don’t continuing doing the, let’s just say good habit, you will loose it and then you need to start again.


The more you talk about your goal, the more you think about it, the more you want it and the more you are motivated to do it.

So I told literally everyone that I want a big booty, it also kind of gives me the pressure to go to the gym and work on it. I don’t like the feeling of lying to my friends and family by saying ‘oh yeah, I’m hitting the gym constantly to grow my booty’ and then lay down on my couch eating burger and fries and ice cream.


Maybe you know someone, who wants to have a nice booty as well would like to join you. It’s a good way to push and motivate each other.


I’m not gonna show you my booty, BUT documenting your little achievements has a very pushing effect and it makes you keep going. Set yourself little goals and treat yourself as soon as you achieve it.

Of course you can also treat yourself before you achieve something and use your self-treat as a motivation, but most of the time it doesn’t work for me. I haven’t heard about the story that someone bought a jeans two sizes smaller and then decides to loose weight – because that piece of fashion is going to be out by the time you loose weight and then you don’t feel the wish to fit in anymore – just saying.

Anyways, as soon as I saw results, I bought myself a new pair of pants and I was super happy to fit in there immediately with the right booty.


As on my example, you need to think that you already have a nice booty and all you do now is to keep it. It’s much more easier to keep going to the gym then, because if you already have something precious ( for me it’s my booty ) you don’t want to loose it.

If you already have the one thing you’ve always wanted, be it your woman/ man of your dreams, car of your dreams or whatever- you would definitely do the things to keep them right? I mean would you drive your Lamborghini against a tree or eat oily stuff in it and make your seats dirty and smelly?

Act like you already own the material thing or good habit and believe it. And you have it.


My last tip is, don’t wait for the motivation to come to you. Motivation is very moody and if you wait for the moment to feel like it to do something, you could also wait forever.


And you will see how much you can achieve in life.

I hope these tips will help you to reach any goal you have set for yourself, let me know what goals you want to achieve and how you want to achieve them!




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