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Summer is almost over and it’s the first time since years that I didn’t work for the whole summer – it’s a weird feeling to be honest and I didn’t really know what to do… I actually did but this laziness rolled over me like a big fat whale and didn’t let me go, so that’s why I – compared to my previous summer holidays didn’t do that much.

I went on holidays to Bulgaria and that’s basically it. I had a lot of things to do and my list of to do’s was  or still is super long – but everything I did this month, I did it with half my passion and my heart. Or I checked the things off my list but still felt, that I didn’t do that much. I really don’t know why I fell in this black whole and became depressed during this month, I couldn’t concentrate on positive things a lot because I had to much time probably.

I really do hate myself for chilling too much and now I have to do so many more things with much more power- at least I regained my motivation and strength during this month!

The conclusion of this month is that I should never be in the situation where I have nothing to do. If I have nothing to do then my thoughts become independent and then it’s hard to control them.

The last quarter of this year is going to be awesome! I am constantly working on my online shop and I’m gonna bring it to the next level! I wish I can tell you more about it right now, but just follow me on my Social Media to keep you updated on all the amazing things which are about to happen!

How was your summer?

Love Luna

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