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I turned 25 last week and it is one year closer to 30. I didn’t know why so many women are afraid of this number but I think I kind of feel them now. There are so many things I want to reach in my life and haven’t reached yet. I know that it is never to late to do what you love and start to live your life – better late than never. I also do know that we shouldn’t define ourselves by our age, but there are some things I wish I would have known before or I wish I would have done before:


If you are reading my blog from the very beginning, then you know that I’ve started a blog several years ago and couldn’t even write one blogpost because I didn’t know what to write about. And I didn’t even know where to start writing. I think that was because of my mindset, I somehow thought when I decide to start with one topic, I can’t go back and would be linked to that topic forever.


And because of that mindset of me, I would tell my younger self this as well. That you can always change something if you don’t like it – and if you can’t change it, then you leave it. Regarding blogging, this never occured to me that I can just switch topics or leave one if I think, it doesn’t suit me anymore.


Another thing which took me too long to realise is, that I always thought I had to fit into one specific category: Should I be the girlie girl or the skater girl? The cute and innocent girl or the cool kicking ass one? You know what? You can be anything you want and as I said before: Nothing’s carved in stone, so you can be the hell whatever you want each day – you don’t need to make a commitment to one thing.


From primary school until high school I always wanted to be part of something: A part of the cool kids, the cool girls or just fit in any group, but I never felt like I was one of them even if I became good friends with them. I of felt barred from the groups I was hanging out with and alone many times, but throughout the years I learned and realised that I like to spend time alone. I started to enjoy myself and do whatever I want to do – without the compulsion to fit into something. I still do feel sometimes like I’m not fitting somewhere, but that’s okay for me- because I know that I don’t have to.


This is something which should be taught from the very first age that you should love yourself and accept yourself for who you are. I had to take the long way and I am still struggling with the part of loving myself because there are days where I can’t myself because of my lack of discipline – but life is always a process of learning and growing!

In the end, I can’t change what already happened, so that’s why this is all just a hypothetic speech to my 15-year old self. It would have been great if someone had taught me that while I was still 15, because during those young ages we can change things and habits easier. I will tell all those things to my kids then.

What would you tell your younger self?



3 comments on “What I would tell my younger self

  1. Difficult topic… Many time I was talking to my younger self, and the kid in me likes it. (-; It can help to heal the emotional wounds we got…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Luna says:

      That is true! I never saw it that way!


  2. Gloria Andre says:

    I like this look and these tips


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