Mini Paris In Prague

Finally I was in Prague! You can’t believe how long it took me to find someone to get there – the last time I went or trying to get there, one of my friends forgot his passport so we had to go back to Germany, because we didn’t want to leave him alone.

This time we were only two girls, our original plan was to take the train to Prague, but the train was totally overcrowded and due to the weather conditions the train didn’t go any further after we’ve almost reached half the distance and we were stuck somewhere in nowhere and didn’t know what’s happening next.

After standing two hours in the cold and windy weather, we decided to take a taxi to Prague- I’ve never taken a taxi to another country but it was quite a funny trip because the taxi driver was a young man who answered to any question we have asked them.

We stayed in a hostel called MOSAIC House- I really recommend this hostel because it’s not to far away from the city center, the staff ist very nice and speaks English and the rooms were clean and modern.

After we arrived there, it was already dark and late but we decided that we still want to go out and have at least dinner.


The first day we went to the Clementinum Library and unfortunately I could only see the study room- the Clementinum Library itself was closed because of renovations. I was really really really sad about that, because it is said that it’s the most beautiful library in the world.

Our next stop was the Museum Of Communism, if you’re interested in history then this is a must-see. I think it was also renovated because the museum was very new and modern.


We had some nice breakfast in the café around the corner from our hostel, which was called la petite france. It was indeed like a French Patisserie- small but very cute with wide windows and a view to the street.

Typical Czech food is trdelnik, a pastry that looks like a small tree trunk filled with ice cream, chocolate sauce or fruits. Good Food had a lot of variations and is located in the city center, maybe you can grab one on your way to the museum.


On day two we stood up earlier than the day before because we wanted to see the Charles Bridge less crowded. I have to say in the evening it would look a lot more beautiful but in day time the view is nicer. On the other side of the bridge I had the most delicious hot chocolate ever, it was real chocolate, but liquid- and that was GOOD! At first I thought why they were giving me such a small cup of hot chocolate, but even that little bit was almost too much. We also went to see the Kafka Museum and Hradschin, a castle recommended to us by an old lady we met in the train. It is worth a visit because you have a stunning view over Prague and don’t even have to pay for it!

All in all we walked a lot in these two days and Prague is beautiful, it is like little Paris because of the buildings and the balconies I saw there. What I didn’t like a lot was that some services in the restaurants or shops were very unfriendly, but we also met nice locals there. Also: after you ordered your food, it takes some time until you get it!


On our second day we went to a Korean restaurant called Mamy’s Food because we wanted to have some Asian food. We also had some waffles at the Waffle Bubble Bar in the city center.

Unfortunately we couldn’t eat as much as we wanted to, but we had a small list of restaurants, which were recommended by locals to us:


  • Super Tramp Coffee
  • Eska
  • Nostress
  • Café Level

Typical Czech Food:

  • Kaprova
  • Katr
  • Mintsovna

Have you ever been to Prague and what do you like most about this city?