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I recently met two of my friends for a coffee and one moment made me really angry: When both of them stared at their smartphone for 5 minutes and no one was talking to me or at all.

What I absolutely hate

I don’t deny that I am not someone who isn’t always on their phone, but I try to keep my smartphone in my bag when I’m meeting someone and I think it’s rude if you’re on your phone every ten minutes. What I also recognised is that this thing always happens when I’m hanging out with my Asian friends- they are on their phone like 24/7 scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, checking Whats App even if they didn’t get a message. But this should be general speaking of ( but if one of my Asian friends are reading this, you might need to think back to our last dates ). I don’t even think that replying to simple messages is really necessary when you’re on a date with someone, unless you’re expecting an important or urgent message.

The skill to communicate is vanishing

Sometimes it almost hurts me to see how much we depend on our phones and how low we appreciate the person in front of us who is giving their time and energy to talk to us. Smartphones make us less communicative in the real world and in my opinion the skill to be able to hold a conversation at all is vanishing in our generation.

That is why really value a person when he or she is not looking at their phone when we meet. Of course it’s fine if you check on your phone once in a while but you should never make the person in front of you feel like they are less important than your phone.

No phones- just fun!

Appreciate the time, guys!

Always remember how valuable time is nowadays, the generation y is always on the run, always in a hurry and always busy. So if someone takes their time to meet you and is willing to spend time with you, you should appreciate that and the other way round.

What do you think about the smartphone generation?




5 comments on “Why Good Conversations Are Rare

  1. I 100% agree. What do you think can be done? Sometimes I leave my phone in my car when I meeting people, but this doesn’t stop the others from pulling out theirs. I’ve even asked if we could go to dinner and first person to pick up the phone pays (didn’t work).

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    1. Luna says:

      I think it depends on how much people value you as a friend/ partner/ etc. but if you’re in a bigger group when meeting people it’s easier to put up this rule because when the majority sticks to it … If you’re only two people and it really annoys you I would tell that person that you won’t meet them in the future – or you go with them to places where you don’t have WiFi

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  2. vegabelle says:

    This is so right! I hate it when people do that. I feel like “should I just go, leave you with your phone?”.
    Having said that, I think genuinely deep conversations are always hard to find.
    But I definitely agree: people shouldn’t be constantly looking at their phones when they are with company.

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    1. Luna says:

      True! Sometimes it’s so annoying that I actually really say that to people and ask them if I should go- then they’re ashamed for probably 15 minutes and then they start looking at their phone again 🙄
      I’m glad you feel the same as me! 💕


      1. vegabelle says:

        Haha yeah that’s how it goes when I say that, too. Or they laugh it off, like I’m making a mistake about something that’s completely normal 😛

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