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RECAP February passed by like it never even existed but so many things happened in this month and I am already feeling like I am repeating myself like a broken radio hahaha because life is still good to me! I finally moved to my own home and I had friends who helped me to move and build up my IKEA furniture, if you watched my Instastory, you know I f***ing hate to build this stuff up! But I’m not done yet, there are still a lot of things missing in my new apartment so it will take a while until I am really done decorating my home and everything, but I like this slow process somehow.

I am also finally done with exams and now I’m waiting impatiently for my results – I can’t wait to leave my university! My university has the worst organisation ever and I will feel so relieved when I’ve finally graduated! I will never have to learn the stuff again I don’t want to!

I met some new people and finally made it to arrange another interview with a powerwoman and our conversation was so inspiring and motivating, that we decided to work together and I can’t wait to share with you the news! But also people from the past tried to catch up with me, but there’s a reason why those people are in the past so I’ve tried not to spend to much time with them. It’s just interesting to see how they’ve developed and I am a curios woman.

March will be also full of projects, inspirations and motivations! I will start working full time from March on  and I am very excited for the next month! I am so glad that I’m in a great team with super colleagues and a very inspiring boss!

I still can’t really realise that I’m not a student anymore and that I actually reached my general goal in life: Having a job which I love, a nice home where I can live ( and decorate however I want ) and having a car. I feel like I finally have the basics I need in my life and now I can actually raise the bar and reach bigger goals!

And if you’re reading this, I’ll be already in Marrakech!!!! I was looking forward to this trip since forever! Follow me on Instagram to explore this magical city with me!

What are your plans for March? And what is your goal in life?

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      Thank you!


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