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It has been quiet here

Hello my sparks!

I know, it has been quiet here for a while and I didn’t post regularly last month – but I was super busy with moving and also had to get used to work full time now. I feel like I am super inactive these recent days and don’t have any intensive contact with anyone except for two people and I have to rearrange my time management, which I am still struggling with.

I’m still not done yet with decorating my home and a lot of things are still missing but I’m getting closer to how I want my home to be. It’s also finally getting warmer here in Munich and I can’t wait to spend more time enjoying the sun – can you believe that it feels awkward to me when I get home after work and it’s not dark yet?

Anyways, I will try my best to post regularly this month – I just want to let you know that I will focus more on the beauty topic from now on but I will still share some funny stories of my life with you and personal stuff.

Update me about your life! What’s going on right now? Are you also super busy?


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Hi, I'm Luna and I love to connect with you guys and talk about the things we love: Food, Beauty, Travel and the things we care about in life. Inspire and be inspired is my motto in life!

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