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Last month passed by so fast guys and I felt like I didn’t get anything done- which was actually the case. My home is finally almost done and at least I have a chair and a desk to work on my projects. But it’s been hard because my full time job is so exhausting – I love my job, but I was almost always  knocked out after work so that I couldn’t get anything done.

So many projects were in the planning phase in April but for May I have some cool content for you guys and I actually do have the motivation again to sit my ass down on the laptop and write some blogposts for you! It’s just my time management which went crappy when I moved in into the new apartment. I am always running late on everything: dates, deadlines, appointments… And I am always so tired that I’ve started to sleep in the metro when I’m on my way to work or on my way home from work. That is also why ‘wait, what?’ is my most used sentence in the month of April because there where seconds when I just stopped listening to the person in front of me because I was so super exhausted and tired.

One of my bigger projects in May will be the collaboration with Nathalie from Fashiondeluxxe. She’s a German fashion blogger who’s also a girlboss – I interviewed her before, if you haven’t read it, you can do it here. Since we are both so motivated in doing our own thing, we thought, it would be a nice idea to collaborate together and bring out the first LUNAMIÈRE collection in cooperation with a fashion blogger. I also chose Nathalie because she’s one of the most authentic people in the fashion branch and that is something I am looking for, for LUNAMIÈRE. The jewelry is for everyone and the mantra of LUNAMIÈRE is to have your own sparkling moments with your chosen jewelry. It’s about authenticity and I couldn’t be more happier to have Nathalie on board for the first collab from LUNAMIÈRE! Follow her on her social media to get to know more about our collaboration, which will be launched on May 18th!

I also decided to start a further project along blogging and jewelry, which is becoming a Make up artist – I was asked so many times why I’m not doing make up as a profession, to be honest, I’ve never thought about it – until now. So, that is my new big goal! I am still on building up my portfolio but I am very curious on where this project will lead me too.

Was your April also exhausting like mine?

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