Welcome to a new chapter with LUNAMIÈRE

As you may have seen, I changed a lot of things here AGAIN. And this time, I even changed my blog name as well, I did a survey on Instagram and asked you if I should keep LUNA AND SOUL or change it into LUNAMIÈRE. Most of you voted for LUNAMIÈRE, so here we are, with a new blog name and a different logo!

Why did I change my blog name?

I’ve always felt connected to the word Luna and everything which has to do with the moon, if you know me, LUNA AND SOUL should have been originally LUNA AND SOL (sol for sun) because of my name in Chinese, which contains the characters of the moon and the sun. But LUNA AND SOL somehow looks weird to me, so I changed it to SOUL. I also discovered some companies and photographers who already named themselves LUNA AND SOUL as well and I want something unique.

Last year I started my onlineshop LUNAMIÈRE and there was not even once a second where I thought that I don’t like the name. Now this year I’ve started another project and LUNAMIÈRE is much more compact to me than LUNA AND SOUL and I am a person who wants to have a logical and clean lineup for everything I do. I also want to put my onlineshop and my blog into one place and it is super time consuming to edit, update and maintain two websites. So here we are, LUNA AND SOUL is gone and LUNAMIÈRE is now my official blog name! You can also see on my homepage what my third project is- can you guess?

And as for my website, I changed the design again because the old one didn’t fit my requirements anymore and I think I will keep changing it until I am truly satisfied.

My motto is still the same, sometimes I think it’s too simple but it is compact and says what I really want to achieve with my blog.

Have you ever changed your blog name and why did you do it?