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Two weeks ago I went to Garmisch with my boyfriend to enjoy the long weekend in the nature.

Our first stop was the highest mountain in Germany with 2962 meters – the Zugspitze. I forgot my sunglasses and it was super bright when we went higher to the mountains, I really thought I’ll go blind because the snow reflected the sun too strong. My first thought was, ”damn, I’m going to be blind if I spend too much time trying to see something” and my second thought was ”oh my, I hope my highlighter reflects the same way to other people”.

Maybe it was the weather, maybe not, but we didn’t see a lot, it was super cloudy and foggy so we went down to the Eibsee.

The lakes in Germany in general and especially the ones in Bavaria are always so clear and have the  most beautiful turquoise and blue color. You should plan more than two hours for the Eibsee – I think it is worth a walk around the whole lake. The Eibsee also has several mini islands and small bays which would have been perfect for photos. We didn’t have much time and the weather was already super grey when we went down from the mountain. Even in cloudy weather the lake still had its charm.

We wanted to take our time in Garmisch and didn’t want to rush through all the places so we booked an AirBnB and stayed at Staudachers FEWO Gipfelstürmer. I like the Bavarian style and our house was really cute and typical Bavarian. We had a small kitchen with a nice balcony and they even offered a whirlpool and a spa, which we didnt’ use.

On our next day we went to Partnachklamm. We took the cable car to go up to the mountain and hiked three hours to the gorge. Our way to the gorge was super relaxing for me and I liked the peaceful atmosphere of the nature, even though there were a lot of people.  I wish it was sunnier when we went into the gorge because it looked a little bit boring in the cloudy weather.

But it was all in all a nice short trip- I finally could enjoy the beautiful nature and breathe in fresh air and spend some time with my love, I really needed that. My boyfriend also made a short video from the trip:

Do you like to spend your time in the nature?


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