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My Favorite Spots In Munich

Munich is my hometown and a beautiful city and I love to stroll around this city, alone or with friends – I love every part of Munich and I thought I would share my favourite spots with you. From touristic places to idyllic places I hope you will experience the beauty of Munich!

Odeonsplatz/ Englischer Garten

Englischer Garten

Odeonsplatz is one of touristic places because it is right in the city center and connected to Marienplatz and the shopping streets Maximilianstraße, Kaufingerstraße and Theatinerstraße. For me, this place is the center of everything, because no matter in which direction you are heading to, it is connected to amazing and beautiful places just as the Englischer Garten or Königsplatz. At the Feldherrenhalle you have the oppportunity to sit down and take a look down the street in direction to the Münchner Freiheit.


If you are sitting at the Feldherrenhalle and you start walking to your left, you will reach the Königsplatz, which is another spaceous place which is very popular in summer, because you can enjoy the sun to the fullest there with a delicious ice cream.


Still sitting at the Feldherrenhalle and heading straight forward you will reach two places: The Univiertel and the Münchner Freiheit. The Univiertel is filled with students enjoying their lunch, dinner or drinks. The street is filled with small boutiques, cafés and restaurants. You can find so many things there!

Giselastraße/ Münchner Freiheit

You will see this when walking from Odeonsplatz to Münchner Freiheit

Walking further straight you will arrive at the Giselastraße and the Münchner Freiheit, which is also called Schwabing ( that’s the name of the quarter ). The streets are filled with shops and restaurants ( more restaurants ) and is also a favorite spot of Munich people.

Sendlinger Tor/ Glockenbachviertel

If you are heading backwards straight down the street from the Feldherrenhalle, you will achieve the Theatinerstraße and the Sendlingerstraße, which is the Sendlinger Tor. This street is also more or less a shopping street but you also have some possibilities to have a nice lunch or coffee there. My favorite spot in the Sendlingerstraße is Prinz Myshkin. 

If you walk further you will achieve the Glockenbachviertel which is a very good place to have nice drinks in the evening. I haven’t tried out every bar there yet but there are some very well recommended bars.


Gärtnerplatz is another popular place for students especially in summer. The atmosphere there is very easy and I love to have brunch there as well at Cotidiano. Most of the time I take a walk afterwards and stroll through the streets there or walk to the Isar and put my feet into the cooling water of the river.

What is your favorite spot in Munich?



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