About me


I am a vietnamese student based in Munich. Currently I am studying business communication Chinese with a focus on Digital Marketing and before that I have studied political science and public law.

I have always wanted to motivate and inspire people to do what they love.

LUNA AND SOUL is about my passion for food, travel, lifestyle and beauty. I want to share my inspirations, places I discovered and my experiences with you. Because my interests are so diversified my friends and family call me the girl with the 1000 faces.

L&S also represents my name Vietnamese ‘Minh’ because in Chinese my name is composed of the sun and the moon character : 明. The moon and the sun are symbols for day and night and LUNA AND SOUL represents my passions, which I am dedicated to day and night.

I want to inspire you guys, to give you ideas and encourage you to follow your passions and goals.

Enjoy reading my blog!

Much love,

T. Luna

你们好, 我叫明,我是越南人,我生于德国,现在住在慕尼黑。我是学习汉语交际经济的学生。我喜欢旅游、各个国家的食物、做饭等等。我希望你们来德国旅行的时候,我可以帮个忙,把你们的旅程更美好!


  1. Chao Minh,
    Your blog is great and inspiring. Love that you enjoy inspiring people because we all live up to that, right? I have enjoyed surfing your site and would love to see more. We may even run into each other in Munich.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Angela, it’s nice to hear that you enjoyed reading my blog 🙂 it would be surely awesome if we run into each other !


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