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Natürlich Anders – Vegan und gesund snacken ( German )

Huch, das hier ist mein allererster Blogeintrag auf deutsch, denn normalerweise blogge ich auf englisch, ich wollte es schon immer mal ausprobieren, auf deutsch zu bloggen, aber ich bin mir noch nicht ganz sicher, wie ich mich dabei fühle, auch wenn Deutsch meine Muttersprache ist. Aber zu gegebenem Anlass, dachte ich mir, ich probiere es mal aus. Ich stelle euch heute vegane und gesunde Snacks von Natürlich Anders vor. Zuerst einmal einige Informationen zu Natürlich Anders: Natürlich anders bietet Cracker und Chips an, die in Heidelberg von der lieben Uta erstellt werden. All ihre Produkte sind vegan und ohne Zusatz- und Konservierungsstoffe, was ich wirklich toll finde. Unter dem Slogan Snacken ohne Reue hat sie mir Süßkartoffelcracker, Tomatencracker und Rote Beete Cracker zugesendet. Außerdem hat sie mir auch Süßkartoffel zugeschickt und eine kleine Tüte ”Chips- und Cracker-Streu” mitgesendet für Salat. Die Gemüsesorten werden zuerst geschält und gewürzt, anschließend werden sie gedörrt. Was ich super finde, ist dass da kein Fett hinzukommt – nach China habe ich ja auch erst mal genug von dem ganzen ungesunden, …

Queen Of Tarts ( Dublin )

Queen Of Tarts really deserve its name. It is a small café located in the Dame Street, they also have a bigger café around the corner but I decided to go to the smaller one ( also because I didn’t know they had a bigger one around the corner ). It is a cozy café with a delicious smell of baked cakes in the air. They have a wide range of breakfast, lunch and brunch, I decided to try the Smoked Bacon and Leek Potato Cakes with poached eggs and roasted cherry tomatoes. The service is really friendly and fast and a lot of people came and went into that sweet café. My breakfast tasted delicious and even though I was full, I still had to try one of those tarts and I am glad that I did! The display of all the sweet things made the choice really hard but in the end I decided to have the chocolate, pear and almond tart and I wished, I could eat this forever when I tasted …

The Asian Food Guide

If you follow me on Instagram you probably also know that I have a second account which is @theasianfoodguide ! There I post photos of asian food from all over the world: Indian food, Vietnamese Food, Chinese Food, Thai Food and a lot more! I am doing this little project with my friend Thao Nhi Le from DAPHALE, we just want to share our passion for food and since both of us travel a lot and eat a lot, I thought it would be nice to have an account dedicated to food! And I want you to be part of this community! So if you want to be featured you can always tag #theasianfoodguide or @theasianfoodguide directly in your photos and I will share your pictures! I just wanted to let you know about The Asian Food Guide so you can get inspired or hungry or if you don’t know what Asian food eat ❤ So follow me there and get inspired!   Luna

Dozo Izakaya ( Shanghai )

Dozo Izakaya Shanghai is quite a new restaurant and located near the Jing’An Temple at West Nanjing Street in the Weelock Plaza and serves fresh sea food. To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of sea food and I’ve never had sashimi in my entire life before, but the first night my Korean friend took me and two other friends to that place, I tried a lot of things for the first time. Usually I am careful when it comes to sea food and in China I am even more careful because I never know how fresh the food really is. But Dozo serves only the best from the best and the first night I went full in and tried oyster, sashimi and even wagyu for the first time. Every dish is exquisitely arranged and we barely could hold ourselves back. When our hotpot came we couldn’t stop staring at this SHIP which came to our table, everything is so artful and even the drinks were an artwork! The drinks are very good there …

Hefu Noodle ( Shanghai )

Hefu Noodle is the best noodle soup restaurant I’ve ever had so far! I am not really into beef ( except beef burgers ) in noodle soups, but Hefu Noodles serves the best noodles with the best beef! The meat is so tender and I already went there twice to have it! It really is like heaven in my mouth, but you should watch out, since the soup is freaking hot! The concept is quite good, you can have your meal there and read some books in a Japanese kind of flair. The prices are not that expensive in my opinion, a bowl of noodle soup is about 35 until 40 RMB, which is about 5 -6 €. I found Hefu Noodle twice in Shanghai, one is located in 五角场 and the other one is in 南京东路, but I am sure they have more restaurants, just go to their website

Kyo Chon ( Shanghai )

Kyo Chon is a Korean restaurant, which is internationally famous for its chicken. Usually I don’t like fried chicken like the ones from KFC but this one is so good! There is not too much flour on it and the skin is so crispy! I chose the honey fried chickens twice and I ordered chicken Bulgogi too. It is very spicy, but if you don’t like it too spicy, just tell them! There are different kind of series, such as salsas, soy garlic and red peppers, so you have a wide range of taste to choose :). Kyo Chon is located in different areas in Shanghai, I went to 大学路 , which is located near the 复旦大学. Daxue Lu is the famous street and hotspot for students for going out to have dinner or drinks. Just google, if you have Kyo Chon in your country! It’s worth a visit! Adress: 288 Daxue Lu, near Jinjian Lu 大学路288号, 近锦建路